Supporting Businesses across the Southeast TAS region

Discover how BEST empowers businesses and industries across the Southeast region with personalised, location-specific assistance. We specialise in delivering tailored support to address unique needs, providing seamless access to a network of supplementary services, stakeholders, industry associations, and governmental resources.

Passionately advocating for the community, businesses, and industries within the Southeast region, BEST is committed to identifying emerging issues and opportunities, ensuring a proactive approach.

Take advantage of our extensive engagement with industry associations, regional business, and tourism chambers, as well as local and state government stakeholders.

At BEST, we conduct Workforce Engagement & Planning activities to anticipate and meet the future needs of the region. Additionally, we prioritise identifying, developing, and coordinating local training courses tailored to industry and community needs.


Interested in exploring how BEST can support your objectives? 

Don’t hesitate to contact Andrew Hyatt, our dedicated Program Leader, at 0488 667 898.